3D Laser Scanning 

3D Laser Scanning is our specialty, we have been in this field for more than 20 years since the early days of 3D scanning emergance. 

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Feature Survey

3D Feature Surveys 

No revisit of site for missing items in feature survey, we make a digital twin of your site. Nothing would be left behind and you can always ask for more information. We capture once but use many! ! 

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Aerial Survey

Unlocking a new perspective from above, drone mapping empowers industries with accurate data and rich visuals. From farms to construction sites, its wings of innovation capture insights that transform possibilities into realities.

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BIM Modelling

3D BIM (Building Information Modeling) modeling is a core component of the BIM process, where digital representations of buildings and infrastructure are created in three dimensions, allowing for a more comprehensive and accurate visualization of the project.We provide BIM services including a variety of model types of LOD 200 to 500

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Deflection & deformation Surveys

Deflection & Deformation Surveys

Tanks, Vessels, Slabs, Colum Heads, Concrete Beams and etc; they all get built according to design but things can go off the line. Deflection and Deformation reports are crucial before installation and execution.

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Deflection & deformation Surveys

3D Scanning Object with Sub-millimeters Accuracy

Sub-millimeter accuracy scanning with a structured light scanner has a wide range of applications across various industries due to its precision and ability to capture intricate details

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Dilapidation Surveys

By using virtual tours for dilapidation surveys, %100 of the existing condition of the site will be captured and documented before construction begins.All of our dilapidation surveys are done via conducting a virtual tour utilising spherical 360 camera Ricoh Z1. Virtual Sample

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