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Terms and Conditions 


Engaging SCAN TECH SURVEYS PTY. LTD. (ABN: 48 658 273 244) as the contractor to provide professional Surveying and 3D Laser Scanning services will be based on the following terms and conditions.

These terms must be read and understood in conjunction with proposals and contracts being awarded to SCAN TECHS SURVEYS.  


Accounts Liability

I / We or I, as authorized representatives of a legal entity, confirm that I agree to the terms and conditions of the contract explained in the provided quote and will be liable for any unpaid account balances to SCAN TECHS SURVEYS Pty Ltd for completed jobs.


Payment Types            

Payments are to be made via bank transfer to the nominated bank account by SCAN TECH SURVEYS or Credit Card payments. For card payments, 4% surcharge will be applied to the total invoice amount. The invoice will be issued after completing the job and deliverables received by the client according to the scope stated in the original quote. The payment term is 14 days from the date of invoice unless agreed on different terms with the client.



Any additional tasks to the original quote or scope are subject to variation in the cost and will be invoiced according to terms explained above.


Site Access

The client is responsible for providing SCAN TECH SURVEYS crew with site access. Cost variation will be applied if the access is denied or has not been organised at the agreed time and date of fieldwork.  


Data Ownership and Confidentiality

The data generated by SCAN TECH SURVEYS will be owned by the client. All the correspondences including geospatial information are confidential. 

However, SCAN TECH SURVEYS has the right to use snapshots of the project on their website for showcase and advertisement purposes. This will be implemented without mentioning the source, location, and nature of the project.   


Data Archive

 The captured raw data and deliverables will be archived after the completion of the project for 3 years. However, Scan Tech Surveys will not be responsible and accountable for any data loss after the project's raw data and outputs are delivered to stakeholders and end users.  



For any inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us via [email protected]

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